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vrijdag 29 april 2011

Royal walk in Woerden, in search of the mill.

Since there will be a lot of English viewers this time the misters (further called HH) have decided not 2 write in English this time. So since this will be your time to see the HH in action it would be nothing but un polite not 2 mention how we did it.

First of all let us explain that we did 2 ommetjes although we were not near Ommen this time. As this could be a somewhat strange phenomenon we will explain. We are 2 gents who do not like to walk but for some strange reason we find ourselves walking almost every week.

This time we walked just before the royal wedding so this will give you some time to absorb this writing before you will watch everything else. By the time you might be reading this it will all be over but the HH will walk again, don't dispair.

The HH make use of something called the shoe ritual which contains a few stept to change the existing shoes for somewhat more convenient ones. Mostly HF will change anyway while HH sometimes keeps them on. Ha ha, what a lough.

After this ritual we will start moving by putting one foot before the other and then change this every time we step further. How odd.

Pay attention as this sounds simple which in fact it is.

This time the starting place is a nice dutch town called Woerden. You can find it in our provincie Utrecht, which is not far away from Amsterdam, so a combination is always possible. As always we will not keep our paces secret so you can find them here. It would be fair to say that the chance of meeting our chaps is nothing but very small.

When you leave your car it is possible to choose between different ommetjes. So it is always possible to add something of your own to this walk.

By adding proof of our existence there will be no doubt of the fact that we actually walked here, but we must hide it in this cable to protect it from being seen.

In this neat little town there are strange symbols present but we must admit that after examination we have not find out yet what they mean.
Strange sign (example 1)

Here is another one. We have collected various examples. It could be part of something called the inburgeringscursus.
Strange sign (example 2)

Mostly we add useless pictures to this info so it would be nice to do the same this time also.

Lets start with the fact that we did find the mill. Look here.

The Mill

Did you know there once was a castle here. Look!
Castle of Woerden?

Sometimes the HH are really not welcome, as this peace of evidence might show.
Bedreigingen van openbare aard
Good thing that we did not have to go to the toilet. Mind you, the gents know how to use nature.

There will be some cut down on health care in your country as well, but we have already started as this doctorspost might illustrate.
No flying doctors here

Resuming it would be fair 2 say that the first ommetje took us from the train station to an old part of town across a nice water, then we went through a modern part of Woerden where we found a lot of cats. Some with only three feet. It must be a special breed. Returning will bring us back to the part of the station where it is possible 2 switch to the historic ommetje without being seen. In the old town there was a lot to do, but not this time. Nonetheless there was a fair but we could not buy any coins so we took the advice of a famous dutch singer and we walked on.

As always we discussed about the following question: do we like beer or not? 2 find out we went to an old book store were they will also sell you beer but you must ask for it.
We took 2 springbocks each and combined it with hot Rotterdam balls. We still do not like beer but will keep on trying.

We thank you for your attention and we hope to see you all back soon.

Enjoy and happy queens day.

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